We solve product content problems.

Our service collects product content, standardizes the content to our customers specific needs, and uses automation to onboard product content into selected platforms.

How It Works


Our team has worked with Salsify since its inception. We are deeply knowledgeable about their product and how to help customers take advantage of its powerful features. CatalogSync provides two services that help customers get complex product content into and out of Salsify.

Among other things, we support a fully functional connector that easily moves product data between Salsify and Magento as frequently as needed.
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Magento is the most widely used ecommerce platform in the world. Since 2009, our company has helped clients all over the globe solve a variety of product data challenges within the Magento eco-system. CatalogSync provides solutions that onboard product data to Magento from a variety of sources and standards.

In addition, we provide a software service that update products in Magento from multiple flat-file or relational data sources.
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ChannelAdvisor is a leading platform used by growing online retailers around the world. CatalogSync and its sibling product, OrderPigeon, work together to provide a great experience for ChannelAdvisor customers.

CatalogSync provides a solution that updates product data in ChannelAdvisor on a regular basis to reduce the cost of onboarding and standardizing product content. OrderPigeon works in cooperation with CatalogSync to keep costs and stock levels updated and also routes orders between fulfillment partners.

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